The Los Angeles Lakers chances of a return to the playoffs are looking more and more unlikely and the franchise may know it too as they begin to restrict LeBron James’ minutes on the court.

The ‘Inside the NBA’ television program viewed this as the Lakers admitting defeat and knowing that a playoffs run in 2019 was just not in the cards.

Charles Barkley seemed to enjoy getting stuck into the franchise, taking a couple of shots at LeBron.

“Can’t he get rest when the playoffs start?” Chuck asked since LeBron will most likely be missing his first post season in a very long time. Barkley then joked by wondering this: “You think we can get him on the show?”

He wasn’t done yet though after his co-hosts ignored his original comments, Barkley turned to the camera to address LeBron directly.

“Since you gonna have some free time once the playoffs start, I’ve got a seat for you. The first weekend of the playoffs, you can stay. We’ll put you up at a good hotel, we’ll get you a first-class ticket. We want you. We always bring players in for the playoffs. You’re not going to be busy during the playoffs, so I’m inviting you here.”

Charles Barkley’s partner in crime, Shaq, then jumped in straight after to offer LeBron a favor by quieting Barkley up for him.

“LeBron, you have my number. Shoot me a text, I’ll send you my bank account number if you want me to knock him out for you.”

The one bit of good news to come from this season for LeBron is that this week he moved up to fourth place on the all-time scoring list by passing Michael Jordan. It’s an incredible achievement and it’s yet another reason for why LeBron is one of the greatest players of all time.

Charles Barkley threw in one more comment for LeBron about coming to the studio by mixing it with a congratulative message.

“Congratulations on passing MJ, but please come to the studio for the playoffs. You’ve got nothing else to do!” Barkley said.

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