The Los Angeles Lakers are in turmoil with their season all but done and it’s left the franchise in a difficult position to figure out what changes need to be made with their roster.

With the addition of LeBron James this season, many believed that the Lakers would return to the playoffs with ease and that the team was only a star or two from making a true impact in the postseason.

Unfortunately, none of this has gone to plan for the Lakers and unfortunately they may not have realized how things would work with LeBron on the side.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst spoke on the Hoop Collective (he starts this discussion at the 17 min. mark), about how the Lakers have gone into this season misunderstanding how things would run when being in business with LeBron James.

“I think the Lakers misunderstood what dealing with the LeBron is, one of the things LeBron has done expertly is influence moves without taking ownership for the moves. I don’t think they were prepared to be in business with LeBron” said Windhorst.

Windhorst mentions that things went south for the Lakers when the franchise signed Kentavious Caldwell-Pope for a one-year 12-million-dollar deal. KCP’s averages this season are well and truly below his usual career averages. This season, Caldwell-Pope has an average of 9.4 points per game, it’s the worst that he is averaged with points since his debut season in 2013.

It’s the belief of Brian Windhorst that it’s time for the Lakers to make some critical decisions about the future of this franchise without LeBron because he won’t be there when it all falls apart. The four-time MVP is approaching 35 and his time in the league will soon be up and that could leave the Lakers in a very poor position.

James has still had a sensational season on the court, but the team chemistry of the Lakers has been missing, it also hurts that LeBron was willing to trade absolutely any single one of his teammates to have Anthony Davis join the team.

It’s tough to know what the right move is here to get the team back on track but it definitely may be time for the franchise to take control and make some big moves on their own.

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