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Mo Salah is already a fan favorite at Liverpool, and that’s mostly because he’s always trying to bring joy both on and off the pitch for the Reds.

This time, the Egyptian winger went on to admit he’d be willing to give up on his dream of winning a UEFA Champions League in order to finally win an English Premier League for Liverpool fans.

The Reds are currently fighting to win both trophies, but with Manchester City taking them down in their domestic competition, the 26-year-old knows they’re likely to make a sacrifice further on the season.

So, while Salah reckons the UCL as the “most prestigious competition”, he’s well aware of the fact that Liverpool supporters are keen and desperate to finally put an end to their drought and win the EPL.

“I will be honest with you, the most prestigious competition for me is the Champions League, but the dream for the entire city and the club is the league. So, I am happy to sacrifice my dream for their dream but if we win both that would great and this is what we are trying to do,” Salah told Sky Sports.

Salah knows that’s no easy task and that they’re going to need the Citizens to slip in order to take back the top spot in the EPL, but he’s faithful things will finally go their way this season.

“The competition is very tough and we have difficult games left as do they. All you can do is win your games and hopefully they will fail in one so we can win the title,” Salah concluded.

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