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Gareth Bale’s tenure in Real Madrid is coming to its end after six seasons of ups and downs. Bale was meant to become the leader of Los Blancos after Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure to Juventus last summer, but so far, he has fallen short to expectations. It’s not the first time we hear rumors about Bale leaving Spain, but after all these years with no succeeding, that scenario looks very possible.

Bale has proved his value both in Tottenham and Real Madrid every time he had the chance, and albeit he hasn’t been the best this campaign, there will be a lot of teams trying to acquire his services next summer window transfer. However, only a few clubs can afford a player like Bale, so, if you’re wondering who can be capable of signing the Welsh superstar, here are the best 5 destinations for Gareth Bale.



Although this sounds crazy, it can be done in certain conditions. We all know Gareth Bale is an idol for Arsenal’s archrival, Tottenham, and this could be the craziest thing to happen this offseason, but we’ve seen how things work in England in recent years.

Arsenal itself has seen how idols of their own like Robin Van Persie or Cesc Fabregas ended up playing in Manchester United and Chelsea, respectively, after years of being a referent at Emirates Stadium.

Therefore, if you think Bale going to Arsenal is crazy, you have to think twice. Arsenal is trying to sign proved players every season in order to come back to the high spots in England and this one seems like a very good option.



Internazionale is doing the same thing as Arsenal: trying to be relevant at least in their domestic leagues. They have made interesting purchases in recent seasons, but there is still work to do if they want to be really competitive. Something to remark is that the Nerazzurri know very well the quality of Bale, as they suffered against him back in 2010, where Gareth did everything he wanted both in White Hart Lane and San Siro.

Seeing the imminent departure of striker Mauro Icardi, Bale could be a good replacement for the Argentinian player. Sure, Bale is not a forward, but he can score and provide assists to other players such as Lautaro Martinez. A trio between Ivan Perisic, Martinez and Bale would be something to be scared of.


Bayern Munich

The Bavarians are well known for signing very talented wingers. They did with Robben and Ribery a couple of years and now they can do the same with Gareth Bale. Even though they have players like Kingsley Coman, who can play in that position, the Frenchman is polyvalent and can make room for Bale.

Plus, they are experts signing players that Madrid couldn’t use properly, so this makes a lot of sense for both parties. Bayern could count with an attack with players like Bale, former teammate James Rodriguez, Serge Gnabry/Kingsley Coman, and Robert Lewandowski.



This is considered the best option for Gareth in the eyes of many people since Tottenham Hotspurs was the club that introduced Bale to the elite. He spent six seasons at White Hart Lane playing at the best level, where we could see his evolution and how he became one of the most electrifying players in the world.

Now with more experience, being a proved winner and a guy who appears in the important games, Bale could make his longed-for comeback for Tottenham, where he will be very welcomed. Plenty of people believe Tottenham needs an important player in order to step up their game and Gareth might be that one. Bale can become the leader Spurs need if they want to win the Premier League once and for all.


Manchester United

Albeit the comeback to North London seems like the best option for Bale, this one appears like the most plausible right now. Manchester United is used to spend a lot of money on players in recent years and seeing their current situation, they won’t stop doing so.

Here is where Gareth Bale makes his entrance, a player who demonstrated all his talents in Premier League, knows the tournament and has the perfect pace for it. This case looks very similar to Tottenham’s, as he can be a leader for a team full of talent, but no leadership whatsoever. Bale is 29 at this moment and he can be very helpful for any team that has his services.

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