Eric Gordon has a pretty big chip on his shoulder. The young player believes that the Rockets have the best chance to beat the Warriors out of any team in the NBA.

It’s not a longshot considering the Rockets took the Warriors to seven games in last years Western Conference Finals, and the team has made improvements since then to challenge the champion Warriors.

Here is what Gordon had to say about the Rockets and Warriors:

“We’re a lot smaller than last year — we’re a different team — but we match up well with them. I really do believe there’s no other team but us that can really have a chance against them. We’re peaking at the right time. I think we’re right there with them.”

The Rockets will have their hands full with the Warriors, to say the least. The team has improved since last year after adding DeMarcus Cousins to the team. However, the Rockets have improved as well as James Harden is the third player in NBA history to average over 36 points per game.

One of the main reasons that the Rockets have a good chance to beat the Warriors is because they have the best offensive player in the world in James Harden. Once a team has the best offensive player in the world, they are capable of beating any team on any night.

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