If someone can talk about the love and hate of both Barcelona and Real Madrid fans, that’s Luis Figo, who went from hero to villain and vice-versa when he made a controversial move from the Catalans to Los Blancos back in 2000.

Figo was thriving at Camp Nou before playing a major role in Madrid’s Galacticos era until he finally retired, something that, obviously, earned him the disrespect of most Barcelona supporters.

Even so, the Portuguese had nothing but words of praise for Barcelona fans, going as far to state that they’re more supportive than Real Madrid supporters.

“I experienced them at different times. In Barcelona they idolize players and it is wonderful to play in such an environment. They do not screw you so much if things do not go well. Madrid has a great love of being the best and they set the bar very high,” Figo told ​XL Semanal.

Real Madrid players and coaches have been seriously under fire over the course of time, as Santiago Bernabeu won’t hesitate to let everybody know a piece of their mind, even if that means booing their own people.

Moreover, Figo stated that their recent struggles were predictable considering the fact that they had let Cristiano Ronaldo go.

 “Ronaldo is irreplaceable. It is logical that the teams need to reinforce themselves when they lose such an important player, but the market is difficult because there are not so many chances of acquiring important players that can serve Madrid.”

Now, Madrid will try to fill Ronaldo’s void in the market with Eden Hazard, one of Zinedine Zidane’s whims for this upcoming season.

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