March Madness is about to begin and most of the college basketball teams have already prepared and set their rosters for the following season. For a top prospect to not have a college lined up by this time of the year, usually there’s something wrong.

However, LaMelo Ball may be the exception here who plans on playing college ball but hasn’t committed to any team yet.

According to Harrison Gaines, the agent for Lonzo and LiAngelo Ball, many of the top colleges from all around the United States have been calling about LaMelo. During the latest episode of ‘Ball in the Family’, Gaines claimed that he “has been getting calls from top colleges in the country.” The one problem with that is “the biggest thing is ‘Is the NCAA going to let him play?’”

This is true, LaMelo Ball may be ruled out by the NCAA for multiple reasons including the fact that he played professionally in Lithuania although the Ball family claim that he was not paid to play there. There’s also the fact that since he is connected with Gaines who is an agent for an NBA player, this won’t do Ball any favors. Thirdly, as an endorser for Big Baller Brand, LaMelo is still expected to play in their Big Baller Brand All-American Game which was built around showcasing his abilities.

All of this will be up to NCAA on whether they allow him to still play for a college team next season.

It still isn’t exactly clear on what team that he may play for, LaMelo once mentioned Kansas and USC as schools who have expressed interest in him, only to have Kansas come out to dispute that claim publicly. USC, on the other hand, would most likely be the most reasonable choice for Ball and if the NCAA does allow him to play, this is most likely where he will end up.

With March Madness quickly approaching, it’s time for Ball to clear the details up with the NCAA and finally find a team.

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