Kobe Bryant has a history of going beyond the boundaries to get into the head of his competitors. It was recently uncovered that Kobe once swore at Jusuf Nurkic in Bosnian, and the 5-time NBA Champion has also been known to communicate with rival players in Italian and Spanish as well.

Nurkic, who is having a breakout season with the Blazers, made this statement to a popular news show about Bryant swearing at him in Bosnian (7: 50-minute mark).

“He’s shooting the free throws (Kobe), and I’m out there like: ‘Nobody can even touch him, how is that possible?’ Whole night he was shooting free throws. He actually said a word in my language. I’m I was like, ‘I didn’t really hear right. He can’t speak my language!’ Then we go back and forward, and he goes again to [shoot] free throws. And he repeats that! It was [a] curse word! I was like, ‘I’m pretty sure he said that!’ After a couple years in the league, he was preparing himself and he plays against some teams he will try to learn a little bit about every player he plays.”

It’s not the first time that Bryant has trash talked in another language. He used to trash talk with Tony Parker in French, and Bargnani in Italian. The NBA legend also used to direct Gasol in Spanish. Also, how to forget when Kobe swears in the Serbian language.

Bryant has the competitive edge of Michael Jordan which is a unique trait that separates legends from superstars. It’s clear that Bryant is serious about being competitive if he’s willing to learn how to languages to trash talk to players.

Everyone remembers when Kobe trash talking at Lakers practice.

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