Besides being in New York, there is nothing particularly enticing about the Knicks. They have a headache of an owner, a front-office that seems lost at times, and a roster almost completely void of star-level (or even future star-level) talent.

Yet, somehow, they have consistently been included in the conversation for Kevin Durant, who will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season.

While some of the speculations are tied to Durant’s legacy, an alleged meeting between the two parties back in January is heating things up to a new level. According to what an “unnamed” source told Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, Durant and the Knicks met just after the New Year, and may explain the moves the Knicks have made since.

The trading of Porzingis, the sudden spark of the “KD to Knicks” dynamic, the sense that New York has been preparing for something big — it all makes sense if their meeting with Durant really did happen. Might he have told them to make way for his arrival?

Whatever the case, things are only going to heat up from here. As the season draws to a close and the playoffs commence, there will be a growing feeling throughout the NBA that this will be KD’s last run with Golden State.

New York will be waiting, with cap-space, optimism, and a fan-base starving for some success.

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