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Things are changing for LeBron James. Coming off 15 dominating NBA seasons, The King is finding that his reign atop the league is nearing its end.

That point has only been exemplified further recently, with opposing NBA GMs delivering an interesting response on the potential availability of LeBron on the trade market.

Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report spoke with several NBA team owners and executives about the idea of James being traded, and they were not exactly jumping out of their seats with offers.

“At this point, probably not, given where we are,” one Eastern Conference owner said of trading for James. “I wouldn’t want to gut the team for a player that isn’t committed and is toward the end of his career.”

Others said that they’d take LeBron, but not for much.

“Depends on what I’d have to give up,” a Western Conference owner said. “I wouldn’t roll up the truck and give more than one protected first[-round pick].”

For what many consider to be the greatest player of All-Time, that is quite a harsh reality. But at 34-years-old, and coming off a nightmarish season with the Lakers, his dipping value should come as no surprise.

The concern now should be just how much LeBron has left in the tank. So far, it seems he still has enough to make a significant impact on the floor — but not enough to carry the team by himself. It will be up to Magic Johnson and the rest of the front office to surround him with what he needs to succeed.

Becaus eif we’ve learned anything this postseason, just LeBron is no longer enough to pose a legitimate threat, especially in the Western Conference.

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