Folks who scoff at the NBA’s “one and done” rule are the same folks who are calling on Duke star Zion Williamson to shut himself down. After an injury scare earlier in the season, fans were pleading for Zion to sit, as to prevent getting another injury before the NBA draft.

This has always been the danger of making high schoolers play college ball. If they suffer some sort of serious injury in their year of college, it could jeopardize their chance to make millions in the NBA.

Nonetheless, Zion does not intend to quit on his Blue Devil teammates this season, issuing this message in response to those who called for him to sit:

“For the people that think I should just stop playing college and just focus on the NBA… thanks, but no thanks,” he said in a video message posted by the NCAA. “I’m not really worried about that. I’m just trying to be Zion and just playing the game I love.”

For what it is worth, Zion really seems to be enjoying his college experience. He is taking things as they are, and appreciating the moment. Despite the risks, Zion is committed to helping his team achieve the highest level of excellence this spring.

In today’s game, where loyalty is slowly becoming a rarity, the loyalty Williamson has shown Duke so far this season has got to mean something.

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