Have we discovered evidence that Kawhi Leonard is going to the Lakers this summer?

By all accounts, he wanted to wear the Purple and Gold just under a year ago, until the Spurs traded him to the Raptors. While the narrative has shifted towards a deal with the Clippers, there is no reason why the Lakers should be counted out of the Leonard sweepstakes entirely.

In fact, after this latest interaction between Kawhi and LeBron following their game on Thursday, there may be evidence that the two are in private communication with one another.

Following the Raptors’ 111-98 win over L.A., LeBron was caught telling Leonard “we’ll be in touch” while exchanging post-game pleasantries.

It is important to note that stars commune with one another all the time, and this could just be another case of two players catching up and checking in with each other as friends. Also, it has been stated by several sources that Kawhi has “no interest” in playing with LeBron.

Still, there seems to be something more –almost cryptic — happening here. With all the rumors going around, and Leonard’s known interest in L.A., it is hard to imagine that any talk between the two would exclude Kawhi’s impending free agency. This chat between the two stars, LeBron’s rather calm demeanor (despite being out of the playoff picture for the first time in over a decade) and the reported growing sense of worry in Toronto make for interesting clues about the future of Kawhi Leonard and the Lakers.

It is all speculation for now, but we will find out the outcome soon enough.

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