When the Lakers passed on trading for Paul George in 2017, it proved to be a costly mistake. Rather than him signing with the Lakers in the following free agency, he elected to stay in OKC.

The Lakers saw a similar situation with Kawhi Leonard. He was “dead set” on wearing the purple and gold through the 2018 offseason, and the team decided to wait until this upcoming summer rather than give up assets to trade for him now.

As we’re hearing, the chances of him now coming to the Lakers is slim. Among other reasons, it has to do with LeBron James.

(via Maurice Robb of Bleacher Report)

“The three-time All-Star is a Los Angeles native, so naturally, there’s a lot of speculation that he will not only choose to go home but join up with King James on the Lakers. Leonard and James would be a stellar team-up in the new era of NBA superteams, but the two-time Defensive Player of the Year is built differently. He seemingly has no desire to join James; he wants to beat him. That’s why the Clippers are favored to land him with the cap space that they have.”

Leonard is not one who seems keen on the idea of superteams. He has no desire to team up with LeBron, which is why things changed for the Lakers the second LeBron committed to signing there.

Now, because they did not secure Kawhi when they had the chance, Magic and the Lakeshow will have to look elsewhere for their franchise-saving star.


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