Stephen A. Smith believes Zion Williamson compares to an NBA superstar, and it’s not LeBron James. The loud-mouthed NBA analyst says Williamson resembles Blake Griffin and Charles Barkley more than any other NBA player.

Zion has been dealing with comparisons to LeBron since he emerged as the best player in the NCAA while displaying the once-in-a-generation talent that fans thrive to see.

Max Kellerman calls Zion’s “team-oriented mentality” is similar to LeBron’s which is why the young phenom draws comparisons to the King.

“I don’t see LeBron. I see Barkley,” exclaimed Stephen A. Smith when discussing comparisons of Williamson. Smith would explain that, like Barkley, Williamson will be a superstar but not the through the roof talent that we hope.

Williamson will definitely be an All-Star in the NBA, but gauging his overall abilities in the NBA such as the level of superstar or legend he will become would be impossible right now. Although, Williamson is bringing excitement to fans like no other rookie since LeBron James.

Max Kellerman commented on Smith’s take, “You’re saying that Zion will be a transformational figure for a franchise but he will not be a perennial MVP”. This is very similar to how Blake Griffin’s career is which would validate Smith’s comparison.

One thing is for sure, all eyes are on Williamson next season.


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