This summer, the Lakers are expected to swing for the fences on potential free agents. The field will not be this good for a while, and the team has enough cap space than they know what to do with.

But securing another star is no guarantee for the franchise, who has fallen on hard times following a dramatic trade deadline. And if they do strike out on Klay, Kahwi, and Durant, they’ll need a plan B.

Kemba Walker could be that plan B.

(via Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer)

“The fate of teams like the Grizzlies and Hornets could be riding on the remainder of the season. If Charlotte misses the postseason, perhaps Kemba Walker is more likely to leave—making him an option for the Lakers.”

Although Walker is not the team’s first option, he might be their only option. Kawhi Leonard is said to favor the Clippers, Klay Thompson isn’t leaving the Warriors, and Kevin Durant is not keen on joining LeBron James.

Walker would be a nice get for the Lakers, as his shooting and scoring skillset would work nicely with LeBron.

It’ll be interesting to see if L.A. can pull it off, but they’ll need to do something if they want to improve the state of their roster.


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