It’s the question everyone has on their mind: where is Kawhi Leonard going? Last year, when he exiled himself from the Spurs,  he labeled Los Angeles as his primary target, the place where he grew up and called home.

The Raptors changed everything when they elected to take a chance on him last summer. Suddenly, Kahwi found himself in a lucrative situation, playing for a good team in a roaring city with plenty to look forward to.

It is a two-horse race for Leonard’s services, and nobody knows what he’ll end up choosing.

Serge Ibaka, on his cooking show “How Hungry Are You?” apparently asked his current teammate what his future plans entail, and the response is exactly what you would expect.

This is a promotional piece for season two of his show, so we will have to watch the episode when it comes out to find out what he said. Still, the long bit of silence after the question is very fitting for Leonard.

But will his answer be a genuine announcement of his plan, or is it simply a bit for the show? If Kawhi departs this upcoming summer, the Raptors will be forced into a rebuild, as he is their only remaining superstar. No doubt, their future is dependant on Leonard’s choice in July.

If only we could just read his mind…


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