Liverpool fans just can’t get enough of Sadio Mane, as the Senegalese winger has been one of the best signings in recent club history, scoring goals, creating for others, and even helping them outside of the pitch.

The forward’s latest goal for the Reds wasn’t even while playing for Jurgen Klopp’s team, but on international duty, when he mocked Manchester United’s fans for trying to recruit one of his compatriots.

Thing is, a couple of Senegalese Manchester United fans made a huge banner urging Kalidou Koulibally to join the Red Devils and “come to Old Trafford”, but Mane was having none of that and made sure to let them know a piece of his mind.

Mane approached said fans to laugh in their faces and say Koulibally wasn’t going to leave Napoli for Manchester United, while they were jelling back at him.

Koulibally has been closely followed by Manchester United since the start of the season, as the team is looking to strengthen their defense with the addition of a tough centre-back like Napoli’s star.

The 27-year-old defender has excelled at Serie A all year long and the team even rejected a £95m bid from the Red Devils when Jose Mourinho was still in charge of the team before being sacked mid-season.

Nonetheless, they won’t have an easy path to sign him, as he’s also drawn the interest of European giants of the likes of Chelsea and Barcelona, while Real Madrid would be keen to make a bid for him should Raphael Varane leave the team in the summer as rumored.

As for Mane, the roadrunner is reportedly drawing the interest of Zinedine Zidane Real Madrid and the team would be tempted to make a bid for him in the summer, especially if they strike out on Eden Hazard or Kylian Mbappe, as per Spanish outlet Diario Depor.

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