2016 added a new villain to the NBA: Kevin Durant. When the 10x All-Star made the move to Golden State in 2016, it came with the hate of fans around the world. Suddenly, Durant was the guy that ruined the league. He has been the bad guy ever since.

While KD has embraced this new identity, he will have the opportunity to change that narrative this summer… with the Knicks.

(via Maurice Robb of Bleacher Report)

“Zillgitt reported that Durant could head to the Knicks, and with good reason. Not only do they have the cap space, they have the cachet. If Durant were to bring New York back to prominence, he’d be the darling of the NBA again. The cherry on top is that he could be joined by his good friend Irving, and they could form the kind of superstar duo that could bring the Knicks back to relevance. And if the Knicks were to somehow be in a position to draft Zion Williamson, too? That would be perfect.”

Durant would no longer be remembered as the guy who took the easiest road to a Championship. Instead, he would be remembered and revered as the guy who resurrected the Knicks. And bringing back one of the greatest franchises in sports could no doubt put him in the conversation as one of the greatest NBA players of All-Time.


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