Tim Duncan may have been one of the best big men in NBA History, but he definitely is not the flashiest. Relying on an old, slow post game to get his buckets, Duncan was a guy not known for making highlight reels. Playing for the Spurs, an old-school, no-nonsense type of franchise, only exaggerated his laid-back and boring personality.

The man apparently decided some change was in order, after retiring from nearly two decades of NBA basketball.

He is sporting a new cut, and it’s sending social media into a frenzy.

It seems post-retirement Duncan is mixing things up a bit.

No doubt, it’s an interesting look for the NBA legend… but why now? After 20 years of the same thing, it just seems odd he would change his look when nobody is really around to notice.

Anyway, whatever the case, it’s cool to see him in the headlines again, even if it is non-basketball related.


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