The Oklahoma City Thunder have had a rather roller-coaster type of year. After starting the season off strong, they find themselves fighting for one of the bottom seeds in the East.

Nobody knows what to expect from them in the postseason, especially with how much they have dropped off recently.

But if you ask Richard Jefferson, he will tell you that the Thunder are no threat at all.

“How on earth is OKC a playoff threat if they lost to Jazz last year?”

The Jazz had a great campaign, but they were very inexperienced and had no business beating Oklahoma City in 2018’s round one.

As things stand now, they would face Portland in the first round, who are 2.5 games ahead.

With the same group of guys entering this year’s playoffs, they have a lot to prove, especially if they end up facing Golden State in the first round. Russ has been a streaky shooter all season long, Paul George seems to always fall off during playoff time, and they have a history of blowing series in the past.

The doubts and concerns surrounding OKC are very real this season. We’ll see soon enough whether or not those doubts are well-placed.

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