No doubt, Luke Walton will be amongst the first to go following the end of this season. The team’s performance coupled with locker-room tensions creates the perfect storm of blame for Walton, who was never able to maximize his teams potential this season.

In line to replace him, among a lost of others, is former Bucks head coach and NBA legend Jason Kidd.

Kidd was recently fired from his head coaching stint in Milwaukee, leading the Bucks to the postseason before being bounced early every year. Without him, the team is doing astoundingly well, earning the best record in the NBA since his absence.

Replacing Luke with Kidd would be an interesting choice for Los Angeles, especially since they are both young and unestablished in the coaching world. No doubt, they would need a guy who is not only willing to be patient with the young guys but who is also willing to stand up to LeBron James.

Kidd may or may not be that guy, but they better think long and hard about it before making that crucial decision.

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