After officially being eliminated from playoff contention, LeBron James stated that the outcome of the team’s season is “not what we signed up for”.

After the 111-106 loss to the Nets on Friday, James will miss the postseason for the first time in 14 years. However, there shouldn’t be any fault on James who has performed at a level, even recording 25 points, 14 assists, and 9 rebounds in the demising loss to the Nets.

LeBron addressed the season after Friday’s game,

“Obviously, it’s been a tough season for all of us. It’s not what we signed up for. Throughout the year, things happened. Suspensions, injuries, things of that nature. And just not being able to play sustainable basketball for 48 minutes. But you don’t even try to wrap your head around it, you just keep pushing. Just try to get better tonight, move onto tomorrow, and go from there. Playoffs are never promised. You’ve got to come out and work. For me personally, you just continue to put the work in and see what you can do to help.”

It sounds like LeBron is owning up to the losing season which says a lot about his character. He put his heart into the team and tried to win with this squad, even believing in them at one point. It may not be that LeBron let down the Lakers, but that the Lakers let down LeBron. The Lakers will streak of missing the playoffs for the 5th straight season was up against LeBron’s streak of making the playoffs, and it seems the Lakers’ losing streak won that battle.

The Lakers weren’t bad all season. They started out the year strong and even held the 5th spot in the Western Conference about 20 games into the season. This was highlighted by their blowout victory over the Golden State Warriors on Christmas Day.

However, the Lakers’ early successes would soon be plundered by a LeBron James groin injury which was followed abruptly by a Lonzo Ball ankle injury. Along with the injury of Rajon Rondo, the Lakers were without their top three playmakers. Their offense became stagnant and the team fell from the 5th spot to the 10th spot, effectively ending their postseason hopes.

Let’s see what the Lakers and the then 35-year-old LeBron James will do next season.

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