Decades of history and greatness have been tainted by these last five years for Laker Nation. At first, it was just a tough rebuild, as the Lakers attempted to find their way following the Kobe Bryant era.

But with LeBron James came expectations of redemption, redemption that would ultimately never come. The team failed to reach their goals of the postseason, and the team finds themselves once again desperately searching for answers.

It is a dark time for Los Angeles, but LeBron James assured fans that better times lie ahead.

Believe me! Promise #LakerNation the spell won’t last much longer! I swear. The marathon continues!

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It is hard to say for certain what lies ahead for Laker Nation. We are inclined to believe LeBron’s promise, but turning things around will be a lot easier said than done. Luke Walton will likely be fired, meaning the team will have to search for his replacement. From there, the team must decide to do with their young core, a group of stars with unfilled potential who have all but given up on the franchise.

And, of course, there is a need for a free agent star. Despite there being a number of players hitting the market, none of them is a guarantee to sign with the team.

The point is, it will be a hard road to recovery for the Lakers. LeBron promised a better future, but maybe he made it a little too soon.

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