This summer, Kawhi Leonard will have to decide whether or not to stay in Toronto or make the big switch to L.A. It has been hyped up all season long and both cities have made conscious efforts to woo the 3x All-Star.

If this situation seems familiar, it’s probably because we have seen it before. Last year, Paul George was the one with a big decision to make. Like Kawhi, he had to choose between the team that took a chance on trading for him or Los Angeles, a city he had dreamed about playing for since he was a kid. George ultimately chose the former, and he probably made the right call.

What, then, can be said for Kawhi? Should he make a similar move? That was likely the topic of a conversation between the stars, a conversation we have, unfortunately, been kept in the dark about.

There is a lot of reasons to stay in Toronto. The city loves basketball, the front-office is building a winning culture, and the roster is flooded with pieces that compliment Leonard’s game. Plus, with the mess going on in L.A. right now, they can’t look all that appealing.

Could George have nudged Kawhi away from Los Angeles?

In what has been the story of the season, we cannot wait for this one to finally unravel. For the Lakers, they must be itching with anticipation as well, knowing the future of their franchise could rest in the decision of Kawhi Leonard… much like it did in 2018 with PG13.

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