The New York Knicks know exactly what they want and that’s Duke’s Zion Williamson who is the favorite to be the number one pick of the 2019 NBA Draft.

It turns out that the feeling is mutual, and Zion would be very happy to be selected by the Knicks if they are lucky enough to have the first pick in the draft.

Steve Serby of the New York Post recently spoke with the Duke sensation about how aware he was that Knicks fans are desperate to have him join the team.

“I mean, I don’t know if they need much saving, but … to the New York fans, I really appreciate the love and support. If the Knicks did draft me, I would love to be there. Like I said, whatever team drafts me, that’s where I want to be.” said Williamson.

“I know that they’re a very historic-like team,” he said. “They have a lot of history based off of… I mean, if they draft me, it’d be an honor to play for them.”

Not only has Zion taken over at the college level, but he has also been one of the most talked about basketball players including NBA players. There isn’t an NBA team in sight that wouldn’t want to draft the Duke big man.

The New York Knicks are expected to have a massive off-season, there’s been a lot of speculation about superstars such as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving who will enter free agency. The Knicks have the cap space and the room to land one of these stars which could be the start of a new era for a franchise who have struggled over the last decade.

It’s hard to imagine a team that would consist all three of Zion, KD and Irving. As an Eastern Conference team, a Knicks side that consisted of some sort of combination of those players, they would suddenly become a serious contender.

Whichever team is lucky enough to win the number pick on the draft will almost certainly be the team that Zion Williamson will play for.

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