Alan Foster has doomed the infamous Big Baller Brand. Since allegations came out about Foster’s suspicious mishandling of over 1 million dollars, the Brand’s biggest voice (Lonzo Ball) hinted on his Instagram that he might be preparing to ditch the company.

New footage posted on the Instagram account of Ball’s manager Darren Moore all but confirms it. In the video, he is seen throwing away Lonzo’s signature ZO2s in the trash, with the caption “#dumpurmerch”

Although the decision is allegedly being made independently from his father, the Ball family had discussions about ending Big Baller Brand and any ties to Alan Foster.

After gaining a lot of publicity after Lonzo went pro, Big Baller Brand fell off a little this year, probably due to Ball’s poor season. Nonetheless, the company is likely done for good now, as the Ball family looks to move on from the scandal.

Lonzo is likely headed to Nike where, let’s face it, he should have been from the beginning.