The Anthony Davis sweepstakes seem nearly over at this point. After a failed attempt by the Lakers to get him before the deadline, the Pelicans must be dead set on making a deal with Boston, who can offer Jayson Tatum; a guy New Orleans has coveted for a long time.

Still, Tatum still has a lot to prove in the NBA, especially after this year with the Celtics. For a player like Anthony Davis, there is no doubt that New Orleans would want someone a bit more established.

2x All-Star Bradley Beal would fit the bill.

“While the Pelicans aren’t getting an established superstar in return for Davis, Beal is pretty close to the next best thing,” writes Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report. The 25-year-old has made two All-Star appearances and is posting personal bests in almost every category, including points (26.2), assists (5.6), steals (1.5) and player efficiency rating (21.0). That almost makes Beal untouchable, but the Wizards could soften that stance for a player of Davis’ ilk. [Troy] Brown has barely broken an NBA sweat, but he still intrigues as a versatile 19-year-old with smarts and a sharp eye for passing.”

Bradley Beal is in the middle of his best year as a pro and is gaining experience as an alpha in Washington with the injury to Wall. He is not the most dominating star on the block, but he would be an intriguing get for the Pelicans, to say the least, and would be a good place to start in terms of rebuilding the team after the Anthony Davis era.

In Washington, Anthony Davis would revolutionize their position. A Wall/Davis combo would be deadly on the inside. Provided they are surrounded by shooters, it would likely be a partnership that works.

The biggest obstacle in all of it is Davis’ upcoming free agency. Even if Washington trades for him, and they make the playoffs, will he commit to staying long-term? From everything we have been lead to believe, that answer is no.

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