When Michael Jordan finished up his career in the NBA, it’s been all about business for the six-time NBA champion. However, it isn’t all about money with MJ, the image is just as if not more important when it comes to business and deciding which types of products he chooses to endorse.

According to a report from Business Insider, Michael Jordan once turned down an endorsement deal with Van Camp’s Beanee Weenees which is a pork and beans mix. It turns out that Jordan turned down that product because he didn’t use it himself.

Many people may not be surprised since it’s not like Jordan needs any more money or endorsements but this deal was offered to him very early in his NBA career. Therefore, his championships, his money and his legacy hadn’t be made and accomplished yet.

Per Business Insider:

In May 1992, Jordan did a lengthy interview with Playboy that was later reproduced at Longform. Mark Vancil asked Jordan about products he turned down, and His Airness revealed that he rejected one substantial offer because he did not use the product and did not like the name.

“Two or three years ago Quaker Oats came to me to endorse Van Kamp’s pork and beans—Beanee Weenees, I think it was called,” Jordan said. “You ever heard of Beanee Weenees pork and beans? It was close to a million bucks a year. I’m saying, Beanee Weenees? How can I stand in front of a camera and say I’ll eat Beanee Weenees?”

At the time he rejected Beanee Weenees, Jordan had made less than $4-5 million total in four or five NBA seasons. Turning down a multi-year offer worth nearly $1 million per year was likely not a light decision.

A part of the decision to turn down the endorsement for Jordan may have something to do with how he knew he would have a lot more endorsements to come as he developed his game on the court.

There are certainly some NBA players and athletes in general who would find it hard to say no to any endorsement that came to them, but Jordan takes it extremely seriously. The six-time MVP will never jump into something that he isn’t completely sure about.

All of this has played a part in how Michael Jordan has developed into one of the richest athletes in the world.