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Even though we expected some big names to be moved this season, in the end, it was a bit of a disappointing campaign for most NBA fans, at least if we talk about free agency or mid-season trades.

Naturally, we expect that to change during the offseason, with several teams keen to trade up in the Draft, get some big contracts off their books or just strengthen their rosters looking ahead to next season.

As a matter of fact, we actually see several interesting trades happening in the summer, with some big names changing sides. Today, we’ll let you know about 6 possible blockbuster trades that we might see pretty soon.


Aaron Gordon To The Portland Trail Blazers

Aaron Gordon and Jonathan Isaac just can’t play together. Neither of them is much of a shooter, and while the defense is great, the spacing is a nightmare. The team has been quietly trying to shop him for a while, so he might as well be on his way out in the summer.

The Blazers showed interest in him in the past and with the Magic looking to add a primary ball handler and a scorer to their team, they might as well swap Gordon with CJ McCollum during the offseason.


Andre Drummond To The Los Angeles Lakers

Andre Drummond has been a major stud for the Detroit Pistons ever since entering the league, but the team has struggled to find success and spacing is a major issue with him and Blake Griffin in the court.

The Lakers were on the market for a rim protector and rim-running big man all-year long so they might as well make a run for him in the summer, as the team would be interested in getting rid of his salary.


Andrew Wiggins To The Toronto Raptors

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Toronto Raptors face the risk of losing Kawhi Leonard in the offseason, and now that they traded DeMar DeRozan in order to have him, they would need to find a new franchise player as soon as possible.

Andrew Wiggins may need a change of environment to finally step up and become the player we all expected him to be early on, and going back to his homeland may be ideal for him, especially with the Timberwolves wanting to move on from him already.


Mike Conley To The Utah Jazz

Mike Conley was pretty close to joining the Utah Jazz in the summer. Both teams were addressing the possibility of a Rubio-Conley swap, but the move fell off because the point guard didn’t want to join the Jazz and would rather be shipped to the East.

Even so, given his contract and the fact that the Grizzlies are keen to enter a full-rebuild, they’re likely to re-engage trade talks with the Jazz in the summer. If Utah’s willing to absorb his deal, then, by all means, let him go.


Lonzo Ball To The Phoenix Suns

LaVar Ball has already stated Lonzo Ball is a perfect fit for the Phoenix Suns and that he’s going to speak it into existence, and even though it looks like their relationship is at a complicated stage right now, it doesn’t mean that may not happen.

If the Suns don’t land Ja Morant in this upcoming Draft, they may entertain the idea of trading for Lonzo, given the fact that he’s already showed them his interest in joining the team. Moreover, the Lakers will make a run at Kyrie and Kemba so they may be interested in moving on from him.

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Anthony Davis To The Boston Celtics

And last but not least, we just know Danny Ainge is keen to dress Anthony Davis in green and white, especially with the Los Angeles Lakers desperate to make another run at the All-Star in the summer.

Ainge already let the New Orleans Pelicans know that there’s no one off the table in a possible trade for the power forward, and with the kind of assets they have in their power, it would be wise of New Orleans to ship him right to the TD Garden.