We have seen before that the Warriors are always itching to get better. They are never satisfied enough to stand completely P.A.T. when an opportunity presents itself.

This summer, while they are more likely to lose than they are to gain, they have a plan that could get them the prize of the offseason. In an article by Zack Buckley of Bleacher Report, he notes each team’s best package for Anthony Davis, including Golden State Warriors, who could offer up Draymond Green, Jordan Bell, and two first round picks.

The Dubs would obviously have little issue pulling the trigger on that trade, and will probably at least attempt to insert themselves in the Davis sweepstakes this free agency. The chances do remain slim, however, as Buckley admittedly notes in his piece.

“As good as Green is for the Warriors, his impact wouldn’t be the same away from their system. Bell, an upcoming restricted free agent, has some interesting attributes, but none that have prevented a sophomore slump. Unless Golden State’s dynastic run derails in the near future, the picks will land at or near the end of the opening round.”

There is no mistaking the low value of Draymond Green in this scenario. At his best, he is average on the offensive end. His inability to shoot has been a liability to his game since he first debuted in 2012.

Even with Jordan Bell and two first-rounders (picks that would likely not be lottery bound anyway) and it is clear that Golden State should not be considered the favorites to acquire A.D. under any means.

But hey, weirder things have happened, right? Either way, do not expect the Warriors to slow down and sit idly by — no matter who they lose this summer.

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