Paul Pierce has once again come out with a highly controversial opinion involving his own career along with Dwyane Wade’s.

During an ESPN broadcast, Paul Pierce and other panel members were discussing Dwyane Wade’s legacy because of his upcoming retirement. When Pierce was asked who had the better career, he answered himself very confidently.

“That’s easy, I could say that off the bat. That’s me! If you give me Shaq if you give me LeBron…I’d be sitting on 5 or 6 championships easy,” he continued before the panel stopped him.

This certainly didn’t go down with the majority of basketball fans and even a lot of notable members of the NBA community. Paul Pierce was a certainly a star of the game and there’s a case that he may have had a better career but the Celtics great was anything but modest as he attempted to explain how much of a better player he was.

Wade has tweeted his response to Paul Pierce by sharing a tweet from another NBA player, Jared Dudley who had this to say about the retired Celtic legend. “Cocaine is helleva drug, Both has great careers but Dwade is 3rd best SG of all-time.”

Wade responded directly to Dudley’s post by adding, “You said it better than I could.”

Both players will go down in the history books as two legends of the game and will be remembered especially highly by Celtics and Heat fans.