We’re very used to hearing LaVar Ball speak out with ridiculous opinions with most of them revolving around his sons. Well, he’s done it again and this time, LaVar has Duke young star, Zion Williamson in his sights.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Ball took a shot at the future number one draft pick while managing to put his son, LiAngelo Ball, up on a pedestal.

LaVar Ball went on to hype up his son who he believes will be joining Lonzo Ball in the league very shortly.

LaVar: Man, if Gelo was coming out doing this thing, he’d be the first pick.

TMZ: This year?

LaVar: This year. He’d be the first pick. Can’t nobody hold a candle to that boy.

TMZ: Over Zion Williamson?

LaVar: He can’t hold a candle to that boy. Why? Cause he would shoot his lights out. And he stronger than Zion.

TMZ: Stronger than Zion? Zion’s a big boy.

LaVar: He can be big. But he ain’t no Big Baller. He’s a Williamson. Williamson ain’t stronger than Ballers.

He also went on to add that LiAngelo will soon be in the NBA summer league where he’ll dominate before he enters the big time.

Whether LaVar is being honest with himself or he’s just messing around, I think we definitely know that LiAngelo Ball will never be considered as good as Williamson.

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