(via NBC Sports)

The Athletic’s player poll was not kind to Russell Westbrook and Draymond Green, who earned their titles as the two most overrated players in the NBA. A lot of folks would agree with that idea though, as both stars have significant flaws in their game and have been known to be some of the league’s biggest hot-heads.

Stephen Curry does not hold to that view, even the point of defending the pair on social media.

When the Instagram account “Ball Is Life” posted the results, Curry left a comment to get the feelings off his chest.

“Who are these 109 players?????? Can’t be anybody that’s actually touched the floor and been in front of those 2! Good luck!”

Curry obviously has a lot of respect for these guys but also knows a good bit about their game.

Draymond has been his teammate in Golden State since 2012. Westbrook has played against him several times over the course of his career, including the 2016 Western Conference Finals. Point is, Curry knows a thing or two about how good these guys are — it’d be wise for us to listen.

Even so, neither Russ or Draymond are strangers to criticism, and will likely use this poll as more fuel to their already smoldering fire.

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