Magic Johnson literally quit his job as President of the Lakers just minutes before his team played their final game. It was made apparent that nobody in the organization knew his decision before telling the world in an impromptu press conference that shocked the nation.

Folks were itching to find out how the players would react to the news, especially LeBron James who was recruited by Magic in 2018. Unfortunately, there was not much of a reaction, as some of the team’s players were too busy partying at a local Tao Restaurant in Los Angeles instead.

According to TMZ, LeBron, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Rajon Rondo, and JaVale McGee went out living it up with “Mo Bamba” rapper Sheck Wes shortly after their game ended.

This type of behavior is not anything particularly unexpected. From the jump, it has been known that the front office has not seen eye-to-eye on certain issues. Adrian Wojnarowski reported earlier that the team was not aligned on “any front” entering the 2019 offseason.

What is much more surprising is the timing. Why would he announce hours before the team plays their final game instead of during the offseason? And why did he not tell anybody else about his decision before announcing t to the whole world?

Indeed, there are some missing puzzle pieces to this story, and we will keep you updated on everything as things get unveiled. But is it not strange how okay everyone else within the organization has handled it? The same night LeBron finds out Magic Johnson quits is the same night he goes off to party.

Very strange bit of happenings indeed.

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