Magic Johnson is stepping down as President of Basketball Operations. What should the Lakers do next?

According to some around the league, they should let go of LeBron James.

“The Lakers spiraled from what appeared to be a sure playoff team to one heading straight for the lottery,” writes Amico Hoops writer Brandon Williams.

“Not only that, Laker fans truly have not embraced James. Sure, they like him, they are glad he’s donning the purple and gold, but the theatrics and drama he brings is apropos for the big screen — just not for the bright lights of the Staples Center.

Winning and championships is all they care about. Using their city as a means to bolster off-court ventures doesn’t work for Laker fans the way it may in, let’s say, Cleveland. The constant chatter about Space Jam 2The Shop and countless other projects has turned off many fans who would love nothing more than to see James take his crown and go back to from where he came — or at least far away from Los Angeles.

So it is incumbent upon the Lakers to strongly consider trading James — especially if the Knicks secure the top pick.”

The Knicks are tanking hard for the #1 overall pick this summer, and having a guy like Zion Williamson would be a great way for the Lakers to start over if they acquired the pick.

Williams isn’t the only one suggesting a LeBron trade though. With no clear solution in sight for the team, many are suggesting a full-on rebuild is their best remaining option.

Trading a player as polarizing as LeBron is never easy. His resume and impact on the community are unlike anything the league has seen. Still, at 34-years-old, his game is declining, and his presence has all but tore the team apart. He might fare better in New York, and the Lakers might fare better with Zion Williamson.

It will be up to Jeanie Buss now to decide if that is a gamble she is willing to take.

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