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Was Anthony Davis wrong in the way he handled his mid-season trade request?

After telling the world his intentions to play in Los Angeles, the Pelicans were forced into a tough situation, having to decide how long to keep their unhappy star as rumors and reports continued to take over their season. As a result, many within the organization feel betrayed, including head coach Alvin Gentry, who kept his comments about A.D. simple and blunt.

With the world knowing Davis‘ intentions, and him only having one more season on his contract, it drastically decreases the Pelicans’ leverage in trade talks. Those same talks destroyed not only New Orleans’ locker room but also the Laker locker-room, as players quickly realized their names were being placed on the trade market.

Still, saying the Pelicans are an elite organization is a stretch. In seven seasons with Davis, they have routinely failed to surround him with All-Star level talent. They were unable to keep DeMarcus Cousins and seem to have a habit of spending large portions of their salary cap towards players who do not necessarily deserve them.

In his quest to get to Los Angeles, Davis sacrificed a previously squeaky clean legacy. But, all things considered, he may just be better off.

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