With the 2019 Playoffs right around the corner, there’s been some extra pressure placed on the Reigning MVP, James Harden by an unlikely source. Hotels.com have announced a special promotion that will have travelers keeping a close eye on the Rockets guard for the first-round series against the Utah Jazz.

For every time that James Harden is caught traveling on the court over the playoffs series, Hotels.com will give away one free room.

Per Hotels.com:

“Throughout the playoffs, anytime Harden gets called for a travel Hotels.com will give away one free room… because Harden shouldn’t be the only one allowed to travel this month.”

“Here’s how to shoot your shot: See The Beard get called for a travel during a playoff game? Hurry over to your Twitter and use

#TravelforHotels for your chance at a free stay. It’s that easy. One winner will be chosen at random for each Harden travel throughout the Rockets’ playoff run.”

This certainly could attract some new fans to the game who may not be regular basketball viewers but are still keen for a free room on a holiday.

The Rockets guard has been criticized for his step-back maneuver that is on the fine line of being legal and being a foul. Although the Refs rarely seem to punish Harden for these illegal moves, there’s every chance that we may see a few over the time of the series.

Houston Rockets will host Game 1 of the series against the Utah Jazz this Sunday on the 14th of April.