For the Raptors, everything hinges on the decision of their superstar Kawhi Leonard. When they traded for him last summer, they gave up long-time franchise favorite DeMar DeRozan, with hopes that they could convince Kawhi to sign an extension past the 2019/2020 season.

So far, nobody knows where Leonard’s heart lies. Not even Leonard himself.

In an appearance on Serge Ibaka’s cooking show, Kawhi Leonard told his teammate that he “doesn’t know” whether he will return to the team after this season.

It has long been speculated that the 3x All-Star was deciding between the Raptors and Clippers. The Raptors give him a great city with a roaring fanbase and an organization that is in a great position to win for years to come. The Clippers, meanwhile, give Leonard the chance to return home.

It will be interesting to see how it turns out this July.

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