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The fans were unhappy with the performance of their team on Friday night. After opening their playoff run with a rather lousy loss to the 6th seeded Brooklyn Nets, the fans made sure to make it known just how unhappy they really were.

They were booing the team rather early on, for missed shots, poor plays, and just a lethargic effort all around.

Ben Simmons, when asked about the booing in the postgame presser, fought back at the fans.

“If you’re going to boo, stay on that side.”

Simmons is essentially calling on the fans to stop, saying that if they want to boo, they should just go and cheer for the opponent. It is true that the booing can have a negative impact on the players. Joel Embiid alluded to that much in his interview.

On the other hand, the fans had good reason to express their unhappiness. Ben Simmons was practically a no-show, putting up just 9 points, while Embiid shot an abysmal 33% from the field.

As the 3rd seed, fans no doubt expected a better performance from their squad, especially in Game 1.

We will see how the Sixers, and Simmons especially, respond to the noise. For their sake, let’s hope it results in a W.

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