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No team could use a mix up more then the Boston Celtics, who continue to struggle to stay consistent.

One possible solution for them could be a trade for Warriors’ big man star, Draymond Green, suggests The Ringer’s Bill Simmons.

“One of the better fake trades out there is Draymond for Al Horford straight-up, where they took a little extra money and they’d have to throw in a contract,” Simmons said, as quoted by Metro USA. “But would that be appealing for both sides? Celtics getting Draymond, saving some money. God knows what their plans are this summer.”

Draymond would provide the Celtics with a significant spark on defense, and a ball-handling big man who can still stretch the floor on offense. Plus, it would come at a drastically cheaper cost.

For Golden State, a Draymond/Horford swap can fill some of the scoring void if Durant of Klay leaves this offseason.

Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how things turn out in the end. As both teams look to adjust to their moving parts, nobody knows what to expect this summer as myriads of free agents hit the market.

But, among the many moves that could make, a Horford/Green trade certainly does not count as one of the worst.

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