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Kobe Bryant does not get held in the highest regard when discussing who is amongst the best players in the NBA. While most would agree he is in the top 10, he doesn’t crack the top 5 anymore, with LeBron and even Steph in some cases surpassing him on the lists.

But there are many that rank Kobe right up there with MJ himself, including current Warriors star Kevin Durant.

“(Top 5 is easily MJ…then KOBE!) Easily…I don’t even think he’s #2, he’s just up there, right there next to MJ”

In terms of talent level, Kobe is not far off. He could do virtually everything Jordan could, and was a better outside shooter, a better distributor, and dominated much longer in the league than MJ did.

No matter where you have Bryant, it is important to note that a lot of former players seem to hold him in really high regard. Hopefully, that will help when he becomes President of Basketball Operations for the Lakers…

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