The Los Angeles Lakers disaster of a season continued when Magic Johnson stepped down as the team’s president of basketball operations. The Lakers are now on the lookout for someone to fill the role and one potential candidate is Golden State Warriors team president, Bob Myers.

Monte Poole of NBC Sports spoke to Myers about the possibility of working for the Lakers which got an incredible response from the 44-year-old team executive as he literally laughed out loud.

Myers then laughed a laugh that suggests he’s not eager to go anywhere anytime soon, even if there are days and nights when he probably wouldn’t mind.

It would be a miracle to see Bob Myers leave the Warriors for the Lakers as he is currently witnessing a historic dynasty with Golden State. The Lakers, on the other hand, are in a crisis with the team severely underperforming this year which has left a lot of question marks on how the team can respond.

As the Lakers miss out on yet another postseason appearance, the Golden State Warriors have finished the regular season as the first seed in the West with a big chance of winning their third straight championship.

The Los Angeles Lakers will more than likely need to look elsewhere to find the right candidate to replace Magic Johnson.

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