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Kyrie Irving made waves when he announced he wanted a trade from the Cavs and his teammate LeBron James. They had just come off their third straight appearance in the Finals, and it was unlikely Irving would face a similar situation in his next team.

Nonetheless, he was insistent on his trade demand, and eventually got traded to Boston in 2017.

It seemed like a match made in heaven when he arrived, but it became quick to tell that nothing was a sure thing when it came to Irving. Now, as he faces another big decision, nobody has a clue as to what might be on his mind.

ESPN insider Brian Windhorst, to point out the unpredictable nature of the 6x All-Star, revealed his behavior at the end of the Cavs 2016 title, and after his Game 1 win with the Celtics over Indiana just this past Sunday afternoon.

“Kyrie is a strange dude,” Windhorst said on the Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective podcast. “They (Celtics) win Game 1. He played okay. He kind of took over in the second half. He runs over to his family after winning Game 1 in the same vein Tiger (Woods) ran over to his family after winning The Masters. He’s celebrating with his dad. I’m all for it.”

“He won The Finals (in 2016 with the Cavs) and he was angry. He seriously won The Finals, his father and sister came out to hug him and he was angry. He was mad, in that moment. And then, when he got to the locker room, while his teammates were celebrating, he FaceTimed Kobe (Bryant).”

Winning a Championship in that particular setting, in that particular way, seemed to rub Kyrie the wrong way. Maybe he was not happy winning on that scale without being the main guy responsible for it, maybe he just felt he wasn’t getting the due respect for what he did that series?

Whatever the case, if winning a Chip wasn’t enough to satisfy Irving, it is clear that whichever team decides to pursue him this summer will really need to sell him on the idea of committing to their franchise. The promise of winning just will not cit it with him, not anymore.


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