After months of speculation about his future, one of the best prospects in basketball not only in recent times but in the entire history has declared for the upcoming NBA draft. Zion Williamson has done nothing but getting good comments on his abilities on the court in the last time, creating a huge hype around him.

Everybody expects to see great things from him and become one of the best ballers of his generations, but for some others, he has to do better than that if he wants to exceed the expectations surrounding him. ESPN’s analyst Jalen Rose has his own opinion on how good Williamson must play if he wants to exceed the hype.

Alongside Richard Jefferson and Mike Greenberg, Rose discussed on ESPN’s “Get Up!” the expectations of Zion’s career on Tuesday, stating he needs to be considered one of the GOATS to exceed the expectations surrounding him.

When asked whether Zion was going to be able to exceed his expectations, Jalen said:

“No, the only way he can exceed this hype is if he is in the GOAT conversation with Michael Jordan”.

“That’s the only way if you think about it like he’s going to get a hundred million shoe deal. That’s probably the highest one we’ve seen since LeBron. If he doesn’t exceed what he’s gotten and with social media and his relevance with social media and the following that he’s built up and also playing at Duke, gaining more fans, now the expectations are so very high. When we talked about stop trying for Zion, there are fans that believe that regardless of where he gets picked that he’s going to be the best player in the league like an MVP-type candidate.”

It’s not the first time we see Jalen Rose throwing shades at Williamson, but only time will tell how good or bad Zion will fare as a pro and whether or not he can be considered one of the greatest of all time at the end of his career. For now, we just have to enjoy his game and see how he starts to dominate the NBA.