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Among a list of names hitting the free agent market this July is Kawhi Leonard, who is currently in the midst of a postseason run with the Raptors.

When Masai Ujiri traded for Kahwi last summer, he knew it would come at a huge risk. If they could not convince him to re-up with the team by season’s end, it would mean giving up Demar DeRozan for practically nothing.

So, then, where exactly does Kawhi’s heart lie? Long story short, nobody knows — but the feeling is he wants to move out West.

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“A lot of people in the NBA think Kawhi is out of [Toronto],” he said. “It’s not because of anything the Raptors did. Kawhi kind of wants to be on the West Coast. The difficulty is that he doesn’t really articulate his feelings to people.”

The Clippers are the most likely destination for Kawhi. He seems set on returning home, and the Clips are heading in the right direction, as evidenced by their 31 point comeback against Golden State.

Unfortunately, it seems the outcome will have little effect on Kawhi’s decision. No matter how far Toronto gets, his choice will come down to how much he wants to go home.

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