The Derrick Fisher/Matt Barnes rivalry is one well known in NBA circles. Back in October 2015 when Barnes was with the Memphis Grizzlies, reports surfaced of an altercation involving Barnes and Fisher at Govan’s home (Barnes’ wife at the time) in L.A. after Barnes discovered that Fisher was there. Barnes had been so upset with the idea of Govan dating Fisher that he allegedly drove 95 miles from Santa Barbara, California to L.A. to “beat the shit” out of Fisher, who had reportedly been seeing Govan for “a few months” at that point.

This is all ancient history now, but it probably isn’t a good idea to bring it up to Barnes.

One fan learned that the hard way when he tried using the altercation to flame him on Twitter.

It quickly got more intense, as Barnes seemingly issues a threat in the end.

Clearly, the whole Fisher ordeal is a touchy subject for Barnes. Even still, the original comment from the fan was totally uncalled for. Hopefully, the beef stayed online and did not resort to physical violence.