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Despite being at the center of trade rumors, Jayson Tatum seems locked in for the playoff run in Boston. The 21-year-old star has no idea what the future has in store but showed no concern in regards to where he might end up after this season.

“Trade rumors don’t bother me,” he said to The New York Times. “They’re talking about trading me for guys like Anthony Davis. So, I mean, I must be doing something pretty well.” When pressed on whether this bothered him, he didn’t budge: “I love the game of basketball. Being traded is part of the game. I’ll play for whomever. It’s something I can’t control.”

New Orleans has had its eye on Tatum for some time. In fact,  is believed that when they put Anthony Davis on the trade block this summer, they will look to make a deal with the Celtics first to get him.

As the Celtics move on to the second round (following a sweep of Indiana), they will look for Tatum to match his performance in the first four games. He is averaging almost 20 points per game this postseason and has become a staple for the team offensively.

The better he does, the more inclined the Pelicans will be in July to make a trade for him.

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