The Golden State Warriors are on the cusp of glory with the franchise aiming to win their third championship in a row and their fourth in five years. The success of the Warriors does rely heavily on two-time Finals MVP, Kevin Durant.

After the Cavaliers shocked the world coming back from a 3-1 deficit against the Warriors in the 2016 Finals, the Warriors recruited Durant. Since then, Golden State have looked almost unbeatable, easily winning the following two championships.

After Game 3 of the Warriors and Clippers Round 1 playoffs series, ESPN’s Stan Van Gundy, Paul Pierce and Jalen Rose assessed KD’s performance in the series so far. Van Gundy believes that Durant needs to assert himself on offense if the Warriors are to succeed long term.

“There is no one. Stop Kevin Durant except Kevin Durant” says Van Gundy. The adjustment he made was an attitude adjustment. It’s nothing about its game. I mean when you look at Kevin Durant and takes less than 10 shots when he’s one of the most unguardable players on the planet night in the night out I mean it’s not a play call he can ask for, it’s not coach give me the ball. Everything is up to him. If he decides, he wants to go out there and be aggressive, take 20-25 shots, he can do that everything single night.”

There was clearly a big difference in the way KD played in the first two games compared to Game Three where he dominated scoring 38 points and 7 assists. It’s very different from the average off 22.0 points in Game 1 and 2.

Kevin Durant will need to be at his best if the Warriors are able to win yet another championship. There’s still a lot of uncertainty about where the Golden State Small Forward will be playing next season with many believing that this will be his last season with the Warriors.

If the franchise can win another championship this season, it sure will make the decision of Durant leaving easier for the supporters.

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