Kawhi Leonard has played just the one season in Toronto and he may already be ready to move on at the end of the postseason. The Raptors star has a chance of winning a championship with the Raptors if he decided to stay and keep working with this franchise.

However, there are rumors out there that Kawhi will look to play elsewhere next season. One of those possible locations is the LeBron James led Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are still looking for a second big named player to play alongside the four-time MVP.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith spoke on First Take about why he thinks it would be a terrible move for Leonard to join LeBron in L.A.

“If you’re Kawhi Leonard, you don’t want to play with LeBron.” says Smith. “Because LeBron is more dominant when he’s at his best, that ain’t what Kawhi wants in my opinion so I would be surprised if Kawhi ends up at the Lakers instead of the Clippers”.

There’s a strong possibility that Kawhi will end up playing in Los Angeles but many like Stephen A. Smith feel like the Clippers are a much more suitable option. The Clippers have outperformed the Lakers this season without having an out their superstar in their line up, unlike the Lakers.

For Kawhi, he’s currently playing for a dominant team in the Eastern Conference with a genuine chance of a chance at playing in the 2019 NBA Finals. If he does choose to leave, it may strengthen or hurt his chances of one more championship.

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