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International soccer is what reunites most fans in a continental and world level, as you can see the best players in the world representing their countries and succeeding every summer. Throughout history, these types of tournaments have created legends and seen how teams inscribed their name in the list of the best squads in the world. Some of them have transcended time, generations and ages and now are the biggest referents for football fans.

There have been teams that have succeeded not once, not twice, but more, gaining more and more respect as the years and players go by. Ever since the creation of international competitions, there have been teams that have dominated the scene in more than one occasion, becoming a huge success in the football world.

Today, we are going to take a look at those national squads that have had several successes during history, teams who have collected plenty of silverware and have dominated both the world and their respective continents more than once.

Honorable Mention: Ghana (4 titles)


10. Spain (4 titles)

The Spanish national side was always a favorite in every tournament they played; unfortunately for them, they hardly ever succeeded at those competitions and were always seen as an eternal promise. Good for them, things changed during the late 2000s, when Vicente del Bosque took the team to be considered the best in the world.

Based on a similar game to the “tiki-taka” Barcelona used during Pep Guardiola’s days, Spain started the best era on their history in 2008. They won the UEFA Euro that year, the FIFA World Cup in 2010 and then the back-to-back Euro in 2012, playing an outstanding game in the final. They had five years when they won three of the four titles they have overall; before that, they had only won the European Championship back in 1964.


9. Cameroon (5 titles)

Perhaps Spain’s titles are more impressive than Cameroon’s, five is more than four and that’s why the Untameable Lions are sitting on this spot. All their titles come from the African Cup of Nations, as they are the second-highest winner of the tournament.

Cameroon has qualified to the FIFA World Cup seven times, was the first African side to qualify to quarter-finals before an English team composed by players like Gary Lineker or Paul Gascoigne eliminated the Lions from the competition. They’re one of the biggest national sides in African football and their prizes are the biggest example of that.


8. Italy (5 titles)

Despite being one of the best and most famous national squads in the world, the Italian national team has managed to win only five titles throughout history. However, that number is not despicable when you see the quality and caliber of the tournament the Azzurri have won.

They share the second spot of FIFA World Cup winners tied with Germany since the two teams have won four and are only behind Brazil. Plus, Italy won a European Championship back 1968, way long ago. You could think this team could have been more titles with the impressive amount of talent they have had in the last 20 or 30 years, but sometimes talent is not enough to lift trophies.


7. France (6 titles)

France is another powerhouse in European and world football, but until last year, they had the same number of trophies that Italy and Cameroon. Luckily for them, after they outstanding FIFA World Cup title, Les Bleus have climbed another spot in this list. It is very surprising that this team only had ONE title – the 1984 UEFA Euro- before becoming World Champions for the first time in 1998.

Then they went to win the 2000 UEFA Euro against Italy in overtime, before losing against the same rival in the 2006 World Cup. They would have had a couple more titles if they were able to defeat the Azzurri in 2006 and Portugal in 2016 when they lost the Euro-cup they were hosting. However, all of that is in the past now that they won their second World Cup in history. Plus, the Frenchmen also won two Confederation Cups in 2001 and 2003, respectively.


6. Egypt (7 titles)

If this was about the importance of the titles certain teams have won, this list would be very different, but we’re talking about the number of silverware that has been collected by national squads, so here we have Egypt, the maximum winner of the African Cup of Nations.

Although Cameroon has had more impressive performances in World Cups, Egypt is the team that has won the most African Cup of Nations with seven. It’s hard to tell that the Egyptian team is the best in the continent when you see they haven’t been able to success past the World Cup group stage, but in terms of pure titles, there is no other squad better than the Pharaons.


5. Germany (8 titles)

Now we’re entering the heavyweight category in football and what better way to start than with Germany, a team that has been dominant, relevant and animator during his entire existence. The German side has racked up 8 titles throughout history, shared between World Cups, European Championships and Confederation Cups.

Maybe things would have been very different for Germany if they weren’t able to defeat that dominating Hungary team that they beat at the 1954 FIFA World Cup final, but they did and now are the biggest powerhouse in European football. As we stated before, Germany is tied with Italy as the second-highest winners of World Cups with four; the Teutons have also won three Euro-cups and one Confederation Cup.


4. Mexico (11 titles)

This North American side is arguably the most dominant on their confederation, as the Mexicans have tallied 11 titles throughout their history and have been a recurrent animator of World Cups, even though they carry a kind of course according to many fans.

Well, that hasn’t been the case of the Aztecs in the CONCACAF Championship/Gold Cup since they have won 10 editions of the tournament, becoming the maximum winners of it. Plus, they shocked the world in 1999 when they won the FIFA Confederations Cup against all odds, making history against Brazil.


3. Uruguay (17 titles)

The glory days of Uruguay are far away today, but the South American team made sure to win anything they could during those years of happiness and joy. They are the Copa America maximum winners with 15 titles, winning the last one in 2011 in Argentina.

Besides, the Sky Blue made huge history in World Cups, as they became the first FIFA World Cup champions in 1930 before doing something even more impressive when they defeated the all-powerful Brazilian national squad by 1-2 in 1950 in which is considered the biggest upset in soccer history.


2. Argentina (17 titles)

Argentina is one of the biggest referents for fans when you talk about football and that’s not a coincidence knowing the number of trophies the South American country has lifted up during history. With great players like Mario Kempes or Diego Maradona, the Argentinean sides have made the team one of the most feared in football.

They are the second-most winning team of the Copa America with 14, only one behind Uruguay. They have won two FIFA World Cups (1978 and 1986) and a Confederations Cup 1992, racking 17 titles that tie them with two continent neighbors in the top of this ranking. Albeit they have tallied all these titles, they’re currently going through a drought that hasn’t seen Argentina winning a title since 1993.

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1. Brazil (17 titles)

There was no other way to lose this top than with this side, a country who develop and export footballers more than anything in the world. Brazil is considered the greatest national team in football history by most people in the world; this is the maximum referent when you talk about football to a casual fan.

The Selecao has won four Confederations Cup, eight editions of the Copa America, but their most impressive achievement is being the maximum World Cup winners in history, racking up five titles and finishing as runners up two times – against France in 1998 and the hurtful final lost against Uruguay in 1950.

They have the same amount of titles than the prior two teams in the list, but the fact that they have won 5 World Championships and have given the world some of the best players in history make Brazil the best national team in soccer history.